I love life behind the lens!

 I do what I do because of my love of dogs. When I welcomed my first puppy, Misty, into our family, I have been in awe of the faithful companions we are blessed to have in our lives. Since then, we have added two more dogs into our family, Timi and Blaze.  I am bringing my two passions together to create special memories for dog lovers, like myself. I love capturing the unique personality of dogs and giving their owners the lifelong gift of their dogs as artwork. Faithful Paws Photography was created through my obsession with photographing Misty, who really began my passion for photography. I strive to capture your best friends unique character within our beautiful tranquil South Australian landscape.

 Faithful paws photography is a full service, fine art dog photography business. It is our passion to create unique wall art and prints for you to cherish with amazing quality that will still look incredible in years to come. If you would like to commission me, please feel free to email me at faithfulpawsphotography@gmail.com.

 Thanks so much for dropping by this website and getting to know me, I very much hope I have the pleasure of also getting to know you.

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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 
― Josh Billings