The Investment

Signature Session




begins at


30 minutes of shooting time

 1 pet per session.

 Location within an hour from ADELAIDE CBD

Edited images in an reveal session

  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday availability (Saturdays in daylight savings)

1 hour of shooting time

Up to 2 pets from the same family

Location within an hour from ADELAIDE CBD

Edited images in an reveal session

  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday availability (Saturdays in daylight savings)

Deluxe session




begins at



How long in advance should I book my session?

I recommend booking at least 4 weeks in advance – but if your dog is poorly and would like to arrange something quicker then please send an email to and I will do my best to accommodate your session at short notice.

What happens if it rains?  

If it is raining, we will need to reschedule for another day. Nearer the date of the session, I will constantly monitor the weather and will keep you up to date with regards to the schedule. This schedule will be at no extra cost to you.

When do the photoshoots normally happen?

Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon, Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Not at this time. However, this can change if the demand is there. 

Where will the location of my photoshoot be held?  

I have a list of locations that I love to work in. However, I want to make you happy, so I am happy to shoot where ever you like. I will need extra notice if it is a location not from my list so I have a chance to check the location out myself and get some practise shots in. I am happy to do it at your house as well, whatever would make your pet more comfortable. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfer is the preferred method, but we also accept PayPal.

What can I expect during the session? 

You can expect a lot of fun and laughter. The session will start with your dog getting used to me and my camera. We will then walk and play, doing anything you dog loves to do to capture all the things you love most about your furry best friend. I may ask you to help get your dog’s attention, or to have them sit if you’d like some portraits. The session will be relaxed and we will make it as fun as possible for your dog to capture the precious moments.  

Do you photograph all year round? 

Yes, I do. Summer is not as issue as photoshoots won’t start till about 5ish when it has really cooled down. Winter is harder because of the rain but I will watch the forecast and let clients know asap if the weather won’t be suitable for a photoshoot. 

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

 Yes, you can buy a session gift voucher worth $500 or more. If you would like to organise a customise package, please send an email to with your inquiries. 

How will you interact with my dogs? 

I firmly believe in treating dogs with kindness and respect – the added advantage of this is that this approach should not stress out the models, so that will make them easier to photograph and thereby create better shots.

How many photos can I expect to receive? 

We can't give you a precise answer to this question as it depends entirely on how your dog reacts in front of the camera. We ask owners to be realistic in their expectations and understand that we cannot predict how your dog will perform on the day.