The final images you choose are works of art and deserve to be enjoyed daily. In a world where we are taking more photos than ever, we are actually printing less than ever. I want to be able to change that, a session with Faithful Paws Photography is not a USB that will be put in the drawer and forgotten about, it’s about getting a unique art work to display in your home and treasure forever. Artwork on the walls makes your house feel more like a home and what better idea than to feature those that mean most to you. Why hang generic artwork on your walls when you can have your special bond uniquely photographed and hung on the wall. Our photography products are offered a la carte which means you can pick exactly what you want. Explore the options by clicking below, however, the best way to experience the examples are in person. You will have an opportunity to view such samples at your ordering session.

Wall Art


Art Mounts


The canvas prints that we offer are genuine archival grade canvas. We have chosen the best possible company to use for our printing and this is because we want your artwork to last a lifetime. These canvases have been tested to last 75 years without fading. The prints are laminated with a coat of UV-protective, waterproof and antifungal laminate. The canvas prints come finished at the back with acid free tape and gallery-quality hooks, wire and screws.

Picture Frame:

The picture frames are made with high quality acid-free materials combined with archival fine art printing on cotton rag papers for long lasting premium picture frames. A choice of high quality mouldings (silver, chocolate, black, white and oak) and 100+ years without fading. The picture frame comes with double washed glass and stainless steel hanging wire. ​

Acrylic Print:

 The Acrylic prints are printed using archival quality inks on professional gloss photographic paper. It is then mounted onto Plexiglas, which is photo-grade and guaranteed against discolouration, or UV-related fading for 30+ years. They are finished with diamond polishing, buffing and a hand polish. These prints come ready to hang with no visible hanging attachments.


Prices start at $170

Hemp Album:

The hemp album pages are printed on gold standard paper for photographic printing worldwide. They are printed on thicker paper to make them more durable. The album has 10 spreads (20 pages). You have two choices for the album cover colour which includes Moroccan pepper or Bondi sand. These albums come with a box and bag to protect your precious memories. 30+ year guarantee.

Leather Album:

The leather album is made from genuine Italian leather with two colours to choose from (black and old lace). There is a feature photo device and name embossing available for this album. The best quality printer is used plus thicker paper then the other album option which makes for a very durable album. The album includes 20 thick lay flat spreads which are printed on high quality smooth fine art paper. The album comes in a premium genuine leather slip case and calico bag.


Prices start at $770

Digital Files:

Each image that is selected as printed option, I will provide a low res watermarked copy of the same image for you to share on social media. High resolution, fully retouched digital images are available individually, in a collection of 10 or all prints from the session (you can expect 20+). These digital images will come with print release so that you can print any size, any medium, whenever you wish. The high-resolution files are not for using on social media, each file will have a social media copy as well which will be watermarked. For commercial use and rights please discuss at Copyright of all images remains with Faithful Paws Photography and images are not to be sold or shared other than outlined above. The collections are provided in a digital collection box and the prices are starting at $100 for one image. 

Art Mounts:

The matted fine art prints are a great way to protect your images. The prints are printed on museum-quality fine art paper which are then mounted. Archival inks are used to print onto the cotton rag papers. The use of cotton rag papers means that you are getting something very unique that no retail photo shop can replicate. These prints are guaranteed to last 75 years. 


Prices start at $200

Prices start at $500


Why don’t you just sell digital images?

I do, but I am a strong believer in creating a lasting piece of art that you could grab in the case of an emergency. I know the feeling of a finished piece of work hanging on the wall is so much more precious than a digital print, especially when our beloved pets have passed on. I believe there is no safety in having digital prints and from previous experience, people usually never do anything but uploaded the photos to social media anyway. You will get a low res digital image of each photo you get printed.

When do we get to see the photos?

Work completion time varies from job to job but typically for a basic shoot, 4 weeks can be expected to have an online gallery/in person meet up. This is due to the fact that I also have another job other than this. However, if you need the photos in a timely matter please email me and we can discuss a rush order ($50 rush fee will be applied).

What is a low-resolution sized image and how do I get it?

 A low-resolution image is an image that is suitable for online sharing on any social media website. These files are just small versions of the ones we would print. For example, it is a 1mb image rather than a 30 MB image, which is suitable for a very large canvas. These images are not suitable for printing. These photos will be transferred via USB, after you have paid for your products. Each print you purchase you will receive that image as a low resolution image for your social media page.  

Why can’t I just print my photos at a cheap print store?

Ever heard of the saying you pay for what your get? I feel this very much applies to this statement. I could write an essay on why but to keep it short, all our products have a 50 to 75-year guarantee. This means you will have this image in perfect condition for a very long time, almost a life time. Printing from a cheap shop means it will start to break down from day one, after a couple of years the colour will fade. I want my products to compliment my photography.