Terms and Conditions

1. Deposits and payments: Clients must pay a non-refundable deposit worth $100 (through PayPal). This will secure the photoshoot for the predetermined date and time agreed on by the client and I. The balance is due at the time and date of the gallery reveal. The fees are stated on our investment and products page  The fee and the contract must be received prior to the session, for my service to be provided. Cancellation will result in a loss of the non-refundable deposit but can be used for a future session. If forecast predicts bad weather for the scheduled day, I will notify the client to reschedule another date.
2. Copyright and reproductions – I as the photographer have a copyright over all photos and have the exclusive rights to all images. I will only make reproductions for the client or for my own portfolio, samples or for my website. The client grants to the photographer the absolute and unconditional worldwide right to use, display and publish photographs of the client’s pet. Photos shared on the Faithful Paws Photography Facebook or Instagram page are not to be edited, altered, or printed, you may however share these photos on your own personal page with the watermark. Editing, altering or printing out images in anyway is deemed unlawful according to this agreement. Violating copyright is a crime and appropriate actions will take place should this happen.
3. Usage license: A standard personal image usage license does not cover commercial use. To purchase a commercial usage license for any images, please contact me via email to discuss pricing and usage terms.
4. Clients usage: Clients can use digital images and prints for personal use but cannot resell the prints.
5. Dogs behaviour: As a photographer, I am not responsible for unruly and uncooperative dogs. I will work to the best of my ability to capture as many quality shots as possible but cannot guarantee photos if your dog won’t cooperate. Clients need to have control of their dogs at all times, and if the dog causes a physical injury to anyone present, the client will be responsible. The owner/client must disclose any behavioural issues or limitations previous to the photoshoot date. I reserve the right to leave the session if I am made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way. No refund is available if this clause is put into place during the session.
6. Cancellation: No deposit will be refunded for cancelling, however this deposit can go towards a future photoshoot. I will need 24 hours notice before the photoshoot if you are cancelling.
7. Responsibility: I am not responsible for any factor beyond my control this includes weather. Weather is a determining factor on any location photo session, therefore if I believe the weather conditions aren’t suitable, I will contact the client up to 3 hours before the photoshoot to reschedule. The session may be rescheduled due to weather an unlimited number of times.
8. Photographer’s package price list: Charges in this agreement are based upon the photographer’s price list. This price list is adjusted periodically and future orders shall be charged at the prices in effect at the time the order was placed.
9. Social media: If you are sharing my images on your Facebook and Instagram page, please tag @faithfulpawsphotography
10. Time frames: Work completion time varies from job to job but typically for a basic shoot 4 weeks can be expected to see the images. This is because I have a second job as well. However if you need the photos in a timely matter, please email me and we can discuss- a rush order fee will be applied.
12. Style: I am happy to attempt to take on client requests for styles of photos however no commitment can be made to create and present any specific image or variation in processing. When booking with me, you are making a choice to let me use my personal style to capture your pet’s personality.
13. Two or more dogs: Where two or more dogs are present for a photoshoot, I will need the client to bring a second person to help with controlling the dogs.
14. Reshoots: Reshoots are at my discretion, they occur only in situations where I believe that I haven’t been able to provide a full gallery of images to the client. If a reshoot is required due to uncooperative or reluctant behaviour of those taking part in the shoot, the re-shoot will be done at the cost of the client.
15. Injury: I shall not be held liable in the event that an injury or a reaction occurs during or after a session. Clients acknowledge that when shooting outdoors the client is subject to weather conditions, insect bites, injury etc.
16. Refunds: I do not offer refunds on items that have been incorrectly ordered, I do not accept refunds for change of mind.  
17. Damages: should damages occur to equipment, wardrobe, or venues beyond normal wear and tear or due to recklessness, carelessness or intentional misconduct of the client or any persons travelling with or attending the photoshoot will be fully liable for such damages and/or any related costs.
18. Miscellaneous: Any modifications of this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.
19. Sickness: We cannot photograph your pet if the following applies. Your dog has fleas, is menstruating, has a contagious disease for example skin disease, chronic disease, has a cold, or serious health problem.
20. Day of the photoshoot: Please bring your pet’s ID tag, treats, leash, your pet’s veterinarian’s information (name, phone number, and address), collar and toys.
21. Faithful Paws Photography is not responsible for lost and stolen pets during the session.
22. Faithful Paws Photography is not responsible if your dog becomes injured or ill during the session.