Why choose Faithful Paws Photography? 

For me the most important part is letting dogs be dogs, let their beautiful personalities shine. This means letting them run around, play, roll and always making sure the tail is wagging. We are about showing you new places to explore whether that means a beach visit, forest adventure or urban alleyway, the choice is endless. We will organise a customised photoshoot based on your preferences. Even if the adventure is from the couch to the backyard, we want to capture these special moments. We are very blessed in South Australia with the wide variety of landscapes at our backdoor from cityscape to countryside, we have it all. I just want to be able to tell your pet's story. 

The world is full of amazing places;
Whether we're watching the sunset over the ocean or treading through thick forest, there is nothing better then time spent outdoors with a happy dog. 

The choice:


- City skylines
- Graffiti alleyways
- Parklands
- Historical sites and
heritage buildings


- Woodland trails 
- Waterfall wanders
- Stunning summits 
- Waterhole walks 

- Lakes 
- Beaches
- Creeks 
- Wetlands


The Products

The process


How many photos can I expect to receive?

We can't give you a precise answer to this question as it depends entirely on how your dog reacts in front of the camera. We ask owners to be realistic in their expectations and understand that we cannot predict how your dog will perform on the day.

If I have a particular image that I want captured will that be okay?

I’ll do my best to capture any of your dog’s signature shots – just let me know in advance and I will plan a way to help ensure we get that all important image.

I like to dress up my dog. Can you shoot that?

Yes! If that’s your thing, I would love to participate. I have a limited supply of props that I can bring along but it would be best if you could style your dog with your own props.

What about leads and collars?

Leads are very easy to edit out of photos, and most photoshoot locations dogs have to be on a lead anyway. Throughout the photoshoot, I will ask you to flip the leash behind the dog so that less leash editing has to be done. Collars and harnesses are a hard one to edit out and can result in an extra cost for extra time spent on each photo. I recommend collars over harnesses because they are harder to see in photos regardless.

Can you take photos of our kids/family during the session?

Since I am predominantly a pet photographer, the focus of my work will always be on your pets. However, you are more than welcome to have you and your children in the photos as well.

Can I photograph more than one dog at a time?

Yes, only when you purchase the deluxe session. If two or more dogs are present for a photoshoot, I will need the client to bring a second person to help control the extra dogs.

Where are you located? And do you travel?

 I am located in the Adelaide Hills and will travel north, or south of the CBD. Anymore then 1 hour from the CBD will result in an extra $2 per km.

 How do I schedule a photoshoot?

 The first step is to email Elise at to discuss available dates.

 How does the photographer get the animals attention?
There are three things I have found that work…treats, toys and sounds, like weird sounds!  If it gets the shot, then I am willing to make a goof of myself with weird sounds.