The best place to start is by checking out our pricelist and having a rough idea of what you might like to get out of this session. We can then discuss a date to schedule the photoshoot (Mondays and Tuesdays are the best for me) and a backup day in-case of bad weather. Weekdays are always best as it is a lot quieter, but I do have some Sunday availability and Saturdays in day light saving. Late afternoon (3.30pm in winter months) and (5pm in day light savings) is the best time for photoshoots – just before sunset. This will ensure that we get the best quality of light, very early morning sessions are also a possibility too. Once we have organised a time, a deposit of $100 will be made and the booking form will be sent to you. To finalise the booking, a questionnaire will be sent out, this is so I can learn more about your dog/s, what you want out of your session and how you’d like to display the resulting artwork (if you already know but is not necessary, we can decide later). I will then send out a location guide which includes my favourite places to shoot all around Adelaide. This will include beaches, parks, urban areas and forests, but if you have a special place in mind we can certainly do it there also. Based on the answers we will choose a location best suited to you and your dog and craft a customised session based on what you’d like out of the session.





A week before your photoshoot I will send through a session preparation guide which outlines how to prepare for the big day. This will help the session run as smoothly as possible. I will also be confirming the booking date, or rescheduling depending on the weather forecast. My sessions are meant to be enjoyable and a stress-free experience for both the dogs and the humans, please don’t stress about your dog not ‘performing’ well. Dogs have amazing ability to pick up on human emotions. For active dog’s it is recommended that you get there a little earlier to try and tire them out or take them for a walk previously. If your dog is shy or timid we might sit and chat, so the dog has time to get used to me. The main part is that you and your dog both have fun.


About a month after our session, it will be time for the image reveal and the ordering appointment. I will carefully select and edit the best images to show you. I will come to your house or we can meet somewhere mutual like a coffee shop and go through the photos together. This session can be a little overwhelming but I’ll help guide you through the decision-making process as we determine how to best display and enjoy your favourite images. However, in the meantime keep an eye out for sneak peeks on our Facebook and Instagram page. I will bring examples of work I have printed so that you can get a good idea of sizing and types of artwork that I offer (e.g. Acrylic print, canvas and picture frame). Once payment is made I will order straight away and will hand deliver within an hour from Adelaide. Shipping can be an option if needed.


Three to four weeks after your ordering appointment, it is time for me to deliver your much-anticipated artwork. There is no better feeling than watching my clients unwrap their new art pieces featuring their beloved pets.


Gift certificates start at $500, this is so your loved one can spend it on the session and a special print or two for themselves. Gift certificates make great gifts for the hard to buy for dog lover. Postage is complimentary for gift certificates but because of the nature of the product it is non-refundable.


Can I bring food/treats/toys?

You are welcome to bring your dog’s favourite treats, toys – including squeaky toys. Please bring a small clean towel in case we need to wipe any drool or clear up the area around his/her eyes and a small grooming brush, in case you need to give your dog a quick brush. Please do not forget to bring poo bags as parks/locations can run out of poop bags or there might not be any dispensers.

Should I have my pet groomed before the session?

You certainly can do but it is not a necessity, it just depends on if you believe your dog needs it. Certain breeds look better after being washed.

My pet is very nervous but I still want a session?

This is definitely do-able. You just need to let me know of this so we can spend some extra time getting to know each other before the photoshoot. I would like to meet with you and your dog before the photoshoot, so the dogs can get to know me and feel more comfortable with me. You know your dog best so I will let you tell me what would be the best strategy to go about this. I will need to know if a dog is aggressive- nervous.

What’s in your contract?

There is a extended explanation of what is in our contract on the terms and conditions page of our website.

Can you train my dog to sit still for the photo?

No. We are not dog trainers, so we can only do what you have taught your pet to do. We prefer if your dog knows basic commands but can obviously work with untrained dogs as well.

Do you work with dogs that are challenging?

Absolutely! Every dog has their own personality. Some are very energetic, while others are more reserved. Some thrive on posing for the camera, while others prefer to avoid it. I will try and make the session fun and relaxed so that I can capture the true personality of your dog.

What time of the day do you normally shoot?

 I normally shoot during late afternoon or early evening. This is normally around 5-6ish pm on daylight savings and 3-4ish pm when it’s not daylight savings. An exact time will be given to you depending on the time of the year, while factoring in cloud cover and other weather conditions on the day of the shoot.

My dog has mobility issues – can you still photograph him?

Yes. All my sessions are tailored considering your pet’s ability.