A few days ago, we had a lot of fun with our photoshoot with Boo and Yogi. Boo is a 1 year old Rottweiler and Yogi is an almost 2-year-old German shepherd. We were working with very different personalities which made it very interesting, Yogi was an anxious boy and Boo was very confident. I had met both dogs previously so the meeting went well, Boo was excited to see me again and Yogi not so much. I can very much tell that Yogi is a mumma’s boy, the bond they share is very beautiful. I got Izzy to sign the contract (an agreement between me and Izzy that creates a legal obligation for both of the parties) and the property release (giving me rights to the photos that I have taken of her dogs). She then got the dogs out of the car and we started walking. We would stop every so often at a good photography spot. We did about half the walk when Yogi started to get a bit over it, we then decided to head back and put him in the car while we take more photos of Boo. That’s the most important reason why the owners of the dog have to come with because they know their dog the best. We were able to do some off-leash work as it was very quiet when we got to the walking trail. No people in sight. It is always fun photographing two dogs at the same time, you can pick which dog would suit which background the best. Overall, it was a very successful photoshoot, the dogs were happy, I was happy and the owners were also happy and that means I was doing my job right. After the shoot the hard work starts. I have to go through all the photos that I took and save the best ones onto my computer. This generally takes about half a day to go through them all. I then have to put them all through Lightroom and do my basic editing, leash removal etc. Then the fun part starts where I get to put them into Photoshop. This is where the main editing gets done as I have more control of what I can do. It takes about 1 day to go through the photos and basic edit them and then an extra half day to put them through Photoshop. This is why photographers have to charge the prices that they charge because you’re not just paying for an hour of time for the shoot you are also paying for the extra day and a half that is behind the scenes that no one knows about. This is also why you can expect to see your photos a few weeks after the photoshoot as I work almost fulltime outside of my photography career.

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